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10-11-2003, 11:55 PM
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Come on, Messier really isn't the problem here (I know you said it Larry, but you were awfully quick to even bring up his name in the first place). In fact the oldest 4th line in hockey has played pretty decently all things considered. However, the same cannot be said for Holik and LaCouture (and Lundmark, who honestly, I've barely seen out there). Holik has been horrific and LaCouture as far as I can tell hasn't tried to hit anyone. Carter is running around aimlessly and Rucinsky must be somewhere, but damned if I noticed where. Lindros, well Lindros is Lindros either he'll wake up at some point and score some goals, or he won't--either way he's doesn't appear able to make a real impact. And Kovalev looks like he's hating every minute of it.

I don't even know if there is some way to fix any of this. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to switch Carter and Lundmark and I wouldn't hesitate to sit LaCouture in favor of Keefe. Heck, I haven't been thrilled with Simon, but as I said above, I don't think the 4th line is the problem. If our Fearless Leader wanted to be bold, I would bring up Moore and Tjutin and put both of them and Keefe in the lineup. However, given the play of most of the defense corp, I would be hard pressed to come up with a partner for Tjutin, much less 3 pairs of players that made sense.

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