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03-04-2011, 10:36 PM
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Hi, I have already worn RBK 8K pads and I was happy with those, I had them for two seasons and they're still in good shape it's just that I've grown a bit so they are too small now. After these I went on Bauer RX-7 it's the 2nd year that I have them and I really like them. I pkay in a competitive league so I'm on the ice about 4-5 times a week and they are durable except that the Bauer would probably good for another season and the RBK for another 2 seasons of this caliber of hockey. The cost about 600$ to 700$ so it's not too expensive and I'm sure that if you take care of your equipement they could tuff about 4 years of beer league. For the gloves I would not recommand you the Bauer RX-7 catcher because I don't like the protection inside your palm and finger, but for the blocker it's a go, I really like the Bauer RX-7 blocker. For the skates I would recommend you a any kind of Bauer pair. For the chest I really like the Vaughn 8800. The pants I would say RBK pants. Hope it will help you a little bit.

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