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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
I remember in one of my summer leagues this one girl tried to hit me when I had the puck (3 on 3 league) so I pretty much just threw my hip at her to protect the puck and she went flying. She decided to throw a fit afterwards at the ref claiming that I threw a bodycheck... which made no sense, because I had the damn puck!
You can throw a hit when you have the puck (though it's not recorded as a hit in the NHL - you are allowed to initiate body contact with a defender if he tries to engage you). Whether or not what you did was legal depends on the rules of your league. Some allow incidental contact, but if you threw your hip at her to initiate contact, it would be illegal. There's no reason for her to throw a fit, but it sounds like you were in the wrong there as well.

You have to expect that in beer league hockey. Some guys will throw hits and some guys will get chippy in front of the net. We all deal with it from time to time... guys going for slewfoots, sticking the stickblade in the back of the knee, etc etc. Your gender won't earn you any preferential treatment.
I don't mind the shoving/jostling. Hell, I got wiped out hard on Tuesday by a guy who came to put a body on me in front of the net and didn't stop in time, so he knocked me off my feet onto my back. He clearly didn't mean it. I got up pissed because it hurt when I landed and the ref talked to him but didn't call him since it was unintentional, and I was fine with that. If he had done it again, I would be more annoyed.

I mind the illegal things because.... they're illegal. And I don't understand why someone would resort to illegal things when they could very easily and legally move me. Almost all of the defensemen in my league are much better players than me. Why resort to the cross check? It's just lazy and mean spirited. And it's not just on me or other girls - there's no reason to do it to any of the less skilled players out there (of which I am one). It's friggin' beer league, and the lowest-level one at that.

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