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03-05-2011, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... With all due respect, the hell they are.

For the first two months of the season, Quick played about as well as a man can play. He was a number one in every sense of the term. On top of that, Bernier was clearly struggling with the backup role.

But for the last two months, his overall body of work is not impressive. As much as I am a fan of Bernier, and as happy as I am that Bernier has improved his play - I don't want to see Quick fail. It doesn't bring me pleasure to see the team get beat because (among other things) Quick didn't happen to play well. I don't need to make up or skew numbers to further an "agenda". My agenda is I want to see the team win, and that the most deserving players get to play in order to help the team win.

Quick's save percentage over the last two months is .907. Do you know what it was last season? Also .907. So, the question is this - was that the real Jonathan Quick we saw over the first two months of this season, or was it the last two months? I'm glad to see him get the start tomorrow, because that's the only way we're going to find out. It is my opinion that, for the first time since Quick was named the number one, his role is in some jeopardy. And, I also think that Quick's well aware of this. The pressure is on. How will he respond?
Again, why are we looking at stats from over a month ago to guage what a player is doing now? It does absolutely nothing but skew the stats. The Kings barely scored over two goals a game during that cold spell and the team was trash from top to bottom, including Bernier.

Fact is that Quick has had one terrible game his last outing and a bad one 5 games ago where there were several unforgivable breakdowns that led to goals. Aside from that, Quick has been the best goalie in hockey. That's based off stats and wins.

You say wins are a team stat. Well that is generaly true but in this case I have a feeling you are being simple to help your side of the debate. You are always very in depth in your stats and analysis so I don't believe for a second you believe that. Fact is that the Kings have scored well under league average in this winning stretch and just under half of these games have come from shootout wins that Quick simply stole the victories.

I generaly agree with you but I've noticed a lot of bias coming from you regarding Bernier lately. I don't want to come off as a hypocrite because there are several players that I am biased about but you have been pretty combative about Bernier and it's not really your style.

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