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03-05-2011, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by SelKesler View Post
this game sucks balls it's literally impossible to try and make a simple trade to better your team...
Originally Posted by Kellogs View Post
I haven't had any problems making trades
I too think it's kinda broken. In regular season mode I was trying to acquire Roloson from the CPU (because he was traded in real life). When I offered Mike Smith who had a higher market value, overall rating, more potential, is younger, etc - in short: he was the better player in NHL11 at that time, the CPU declined and said "If I do that, we'd overload our offense even more". So better and younger goalie for worse and older goalie means more offense which the CPU doesn't want?

Same thing when I tried to trade for MAB. I even offered Paul Ranger, who has better ratings, is younger, etc plus other assets. I couldn't get him. Finally a lousy AHLer with really bad potential and a potential C center got him. It's seriously broken.

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