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03-05-2011, 04:21 AM
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
I'm happy it didn't go through if that's what they wanted. I don't see Penner as much of an upgrade over Andrei. I'm not AK biggest fan, but I find it funny how perception works. AK isn't far from Penner in production, work ethic ect except Penner is seen as a much better player for some reason.

If that Habs were offered a 1st round prospect and a 1st for AK and they didn't take it, I'd be pissed! As such, I'm happy we didn't pay that price for Penner.
This is the correct analysis of why not doing the proposed deal was the correct choice.

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
The more I think about it the more I think about how this non-trade was the best thing for our team and I'll give a few obvious reasons.

1) Despite people hating on Wiz, he's capable of putting up maybe 60 points. Defenseman who can do that don't grow on trees. We'd lose out on re-signing this guy for sure if we picked up Penner. Sure he isn't great defensively but he's leaps and bounds better than Bergeron. He's worth every penny if we sign him for a fair deal.

2) Penner himself. He isn't a good fit for us, while he'd add to our current top 9 and help to balance out our team somewhat, he isn't what we're looking for and would screw us out of signing a potentially better UFA this summer.

3) Tinordi + 1st - Not worth it considering the player we get back isn't perfect for us. I'd much rather wait it out and give up even more than that for a player much more fitting to our needs. That being said though no way we give up Tinordi + 1st for somebody who isn't a perfect fit, being that no other top 6 UFA's were really available, I like the non-move for this reason. We need to add prospects not take away prospects, and if we do it had better be for a guy who completes our top 6 and effectively gives us 3 scoring lines.

TSN rated Gauthier a C on deadline day, for the fact that he didn't trade for somebody whose only a partial fit, for the fact that he got Wiz a guy whose arguably able to put up 50-60 points as a defender on a team that's a shell of it's old defensive self, I respectfully disagree. The non-move for me makes perfect sense. Sure I would've loved to see a deal get done but if it isn't the right move then no move is the right move.

We just need to be patient and I'm glad our management isn't willing to mortgage the future to improve our chances in a bad year by 5%.

Plus let's face it, if we do re-sign Wiz and keep Markov, our team if healthy will be dynamite next season. For that alone I say PG actually did a really good job. He landed a D who can produce big time and is somewhat okay defensively.
Screw TSN. They gave Gauthier a bad grade because he didn't feed them material to report. Their overhype of deadline day is an attention-starved stab at creating something that doesn't exist, and media pressure has gotten some GMs buying into the hype. Gainey and Gauthier never did, and thank god for their sense. Imagine having a trade-the-farm-on-deadline-day-just-to-get-my-face-on-TV GM like Burke?

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