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Originally Posted by DubiSnacks17 View Post
That's how every sports forum is. Euphoria when we're winning, nuclear winter when we're losing.

It's annoying, but that's what it is.

I love how everyone was clamoring for the young guys, but when the young guys come they can't give them more than a couple of years to develop before they are crapped on.

This guy is a bust because he's in his 2nd year and hasn't been playing well and is soft. This guy is a bust because he's 20 f'in years old and is having a bad season. This guy just isn't that good because he's in his 4th year, is leading the team in scoring, and is playing injured, but he doesn't have 100 points. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Give it a rest.

Sure this team doesn't have a top tier home grown offensive player, that's the biggest issue. All of the other guys are young and improving. I'd be happy if one of the group ends up being steady first line player over the course of his career. Most of the rest of the top young players on team are somewhere between tweener first liners to 3rd liners. So stop expecting them to be much more than that.
Im with you man. I love this team and I love the homegrown kids. This team is crazy young and even as soon as next season I think we can be prepared to see some of these young guys really start to blossom. I mean look at the rookies we are working with this year. Stepan, Zucca, Mcd, Sauer, ani in only his second year.... Our vets are stall, dubi, cali girardi... GUYS WHO HAVE ONLY BEEN IN THIS LEAGUE A FEW YEARS!

I am loving the way this team is shaping up. If we can sign us that #1 elite center and gabby gets his game going.... after these kids depolop in a year or two we could be looking at a very long run with a higly competative team. Not to mention we have even more bright prospects brewing downstairs..

This is how Detroit has become an empire year after year... they grow from within.. sign a key player here or there when needed, and have a chance to win the cup every single year.

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