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Originally Posted by Jimmy Carter View Post
Yeah, I think this is a fairly common issue in life, let alone hockey.

For hockey though, I think that if someone is even remotely good at one thing, they think their whole game is on par with their one talent. Most common thing I see is guys who can dangle your jock off but can't pass, play D, or really do much else to save their life.

That's why I like the group of guys I play with. We all know exactly where we stand, and if someone starts getting an inflated head, the other guys are sure to bring him back down to earth
Definitely the truth here.

Definitely see a lot of this, probably guilty of some as well. Some of the guys on one of my teams seem to think that if the game is close they have to play the last five minutes straight. So we get into situations where we have three guys on rink who are barely moving while fresher and in some cases better players are rotting on the bench.

Same thing happens when he have a penalty or power play, these same players think they have to be out there the whole time.

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