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03-05-2011, 03:04 PM
Rob Paxon
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Only saw some of the 2nd and then the 3rd but:
- Stafford scoring finally.
- The Vanek-Boyes-Poms line. That goal was great. All three can score (30+ goal seasons!), all three are playing hard (save Vanek's boner), and they seem to have decent chemistry so far. Plus it helps the center issue if it continues to work. Me likey.
- Missed the EN but I really like the mix of Gerbe-Goose-Kaleta. Gerbe fits in well with gritty players, Kaleta's been playing pretty well and Goose has really been going as well as he's been in a long time imo.
- Sekera: to put it simply, here's hoping he puts it together at BOTH ends of the ice for good.

- The powerplay, especially (obviously) the shorthander. This team needs to fix its powerplay 10 years ago. Total momentum killer game in and game out, even if the conversion percentage is OK.
- Going down 2-0. Obviously the comeback is great but they are going to need to come out better more consistently if they want to make the playoffs. They aren't going to come back the majority of the times they get down 2 to elite teams on the road. Keep in mind I missed the first period, so I could be wrong about how they started but Staffords interview after the 2nd indicates they weren't skating, as one would suspect.

- The injuries. Losing Grier isn't a killer obviously but they add up. They don't want to have to keep calling guys up and end up running out of non-emergency call-ups. They don't want to do something ABSOLUTELY FOOLISH like taking Sekera and putting him on wing while he's playing so good offensively. Hopefully they keep the aforementioned two lines together at least until Hecht is back, and choose the right guy to replace Grier. I'm pulling for Byron personally but an Ellis to more literally replace Grier seems like an OK decision.
- MSG. It's bad enough that I have no option to watch or flip to Knicks games (when they're finally good again) on nights the Sabres are playing and then have to wait until 1 am to watch a replay). The treatment the Sabres get in our zone is just third class. Cutting out with 1 minute left? I'm sure it was an automated mistake but ... shouldn't someone be there, not programming such a mistake? Come the hell on. And then after I get sucked in to this thrilling fourth-rate women's college basketball game they have to pull it out from under my feet to bring me the start of the post game. That was a joke.... I'd rather watch poker for christ's sake.

Wouldn't it be great if Pegula made an Empire Redux? Wonder how much longer the contract with MSG runs.

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