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03-05-2011, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Gilroy is +4 this season. If what you said was correct he would be a severe minus and near the worst in that category in this team.

This does not mean that I think Gilroy is great, but he has less than zero to do with the position this team finds itself in.

It's fine to say you think someone hasn't played all that well, but when you make a statement like, "How many one goal games have we lost this year? And how many times has Gilroy been responsible for the puck ending up in the back of our net?", you'd better have evidence to back it up other than you don't like the guy.

Or what? And why?

To counteract your baseless argument of plus/minus?

So if he contributes nothing to a goal that he's on the ice for he's credited with a plus and that proves what exactly?

Did you watch the Minnesota game? He has made plays like that all season. He can't do anything around the net, in the corners, and brings nothing to the table offensively.

He has been a disaster.

Malik was always a great plus/minus guy too.

I can't even believe that's your argument.

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