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03-05-2011, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by cookiecutter View Post
I thought some would agree with me on the Gleaner deal as being promotional. But I am not going to war with someone who buys ink by the gallon.
I think we need to stick together on this and find a fit that brings hockey back to STU. Perhaps Mike should have taken the coach job, stayed as AD and simply hired a recruiter? he knows the games, players love him, and he appears to have competency as an AD. Other than that go Acadia; Go home UNB
it's not a promotional plug for eric.......he's the guy in town, the guy who was a part of mike's staff, the guy who played for the tommies for 5 years.........considering all of those factors, his candidancy deserves more attention than some of the others who are living outside of the area....nowhere did the article promote bissonnette as the best candidate....he's the guy already there, that's the key element.....stu needs to examine any and all candidates and make a decision: do they want a young guy to build and perhaps use the job as a stepping-stone, such as mike johnston when he came to unb as a young guy in 1990 and helped build the foundation for unb's success since then, or do they go with a more recognizable name that has appeal to the alumni and tommies support group and might be inclined to stay with the program for a long time....regardless, you need a good recruiter with solid contacts...the alumni and support group needs to buy into it as well......

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