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07-26-2005, 08:20 PM
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Rbk Gear and sizing advice for goalie pads


I currently own a pair of 34 " itech 4.8 x factor pads and am looking at getting some new ones.. I've been advised to go down to a 31-2" set as I am only 5 foot tall. The sizing chart on the itech site must be really wrong (trying them on isn't an option here I have to order them from overseas).

I'm looking at the new RBK pads, the senior ones (not the into pros' or senior pros.. dude POA GGAH!) and am wondering what people think about them? I've heard some really positive feedback on them from another goalie who's seen them but was looking for anyone who plays in them or knows someone who plays in them?

My biggest problem currently is that my ones are too bulky and are inhibiting my ability to move well as they are heavy.

These pads will be used for inline, with my normal surface a polished wood basketball court.

Thanks. sasky.

P.s. What's the advice on the blockers and catchers form the same series? big make on the catcher? smaller? Mine's a little to huge.. my hands are rather small.

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