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03-05-2011, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by kingscourt26 View Post
He is extremely talented but if he can't get his psyche and talent aligned, it will not pay off. The young Canadians coming through the system have a bit of an's what cost them the world juniors.

He dove in front of the net and it cost the Kings the game. If you want to blame this on the refs, watch it again and tell me it's that easy for a jab to the lower back to knock over 200+ pounds of hockey player who lives on skates. He should only be mad at himself and his attitude the rest of the game was affected by that.

Again, great player, but needs to grow up.
Couldn't agree more. He needs to shut his piehole and just play. If he does that he will get the respect he deserves from the refs, from the other team, and more importantly from his own teammates.

You can show your passion and your hate of losing without yapping at the refs everytime they miss a call or you get hit and don't like it. Grow up kid.

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