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07-26-2005, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by SabreHomer007
Thanks B.

So basically the deadlines for the "stable" is....

July 28, 2005: Clarke MacArthur, Jeff Weber, Pavel Voroshnin, L.P. Martin
August 15, 2005: John Adams
July 1, 2006: Andrej Sekera, Artem Kriukov, Branislav Fabry, Calle Aslund, Denis Denisov, Denis Ezhov, Dylan Hunter, Jakub Hulva, Marek Dubec, Mark Mancari, Martin Cizek, Maxim Schevjev, Michael Funkytown, Michal Vondrka, Mike Card, Patrick Kaleta
July 1, 2007: Michal Valent
August 15, 2007: Drew Stafford, Thomas Morrow


This is the latest I've been able to find:
The new labor agreement classifies Malkin (pre-2005 picks) as a "defected transition player," and stipulates that teams will retain the rights to such players -- that is, Europeans drafted before 2005 -- for four years.
It isn't stated what happens to players drafted more than 4+ years ago.
It is not known if Europeans drafted before 2002 will remain property of the NHL clubs that hold their rights or be declared free agents.
I've heard it both ways, i.e. that they become UFA's and that they continue under the old cba where their rights are held indefinitely.

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