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03-05-2011, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by tantrum4 View Post
Yes bacause Murray is the one that's on the ice and can't find the back of net. It's all his fault
Every player on our team either plays Murrays system or they don't play. How can it not be at least partly his fault if not mostly? If your instincts that you have honed and have carried you to the NHL tell you that what your coach is telling you to do is contradictory to everything you know to be true but, you also know that unless you follow his instruction to the letter that you will see your minutes cut or benched which would you do? You do what your told to the best of your ability because all you ever have or will want is to play in the NHL and you figure that coaches come and go so the best that you can do is try your best.

Even if it means that you aren't going to be able to play to the level that you know you are capable of due to the fact that your coach has told you to do something that keeps you out of position at times.

Murph has yet to do anything to adapt his system since he has been here. He is the same coach that i watched in Fla and in Phil. I put him up there with the kind of coach where teams sometimes in spite of their coaches find a way to win the cup.

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