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03-06-2011, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by ScoreZeGoals View Post
So what he does in the middle of a hotly contested game equates to how he is as a person? To use terms like "embarrassment" and "can't respect him as a person" is just a joke. Get off your high horse man.

Ron Artest has done some of the worst things ever in a basketball arena yet he spends numerous hours doing community service and he auctions off his championship ring to help those with mental illness.

Playing a highly competitive game and real life are two different things
I don't have to know him as a person. I see his personality every time something goes remotely wrong. Nobody else does these things. Is he purposely misrepresenting himself? He's a hothead, he doesn't always show respect for his peers or authority, he doesn't care about the image he sheds, he is angry. That paints a damn good picture. I don't need to know my employees outside of work to see if I want them representing me or my company. I look at a body of work, how they react to situations, how they work with others. Drew doesn't pass the test.

I don't have to know Ron Artest either. He has put fans in harms way, he quit the final 20+ games of a season to further his record label career, he has refered to himself as "just your typical local thug", he has been banned from astrip joint for verbaly abusing a stripper and punching a bouncer. Who cares if he feels compelled to give back to his community? I donate a lot of money and time to charity but I am certain that if I don't like you, you will think I'm an *******.

Passion is great, but it is dangerous. A passionate person is someone you want as a foot soldier, not a representative. I'm as passionate and competative as anyone you will meet. I was so passionate that I was fired from a public position of fortune 500 company because it drove me to act in a way that didn't shed the company in positive light. I wasn't exemplary one time and it bit me in the ass. Bertuzzi blamed his incident on his passion. What if Drew gets suspended for bumping into a ref when chasing after him? Is that ok because he's so passionate about winning?

There is nothing wrong with saying I'm embarrassed. I don't have to be on my high horse to feel that way. Just read the forums tonight at what people are saying about him. They're calling him crazy, a baby, stupid, and insane. We all should be ashamed of his actions this year.

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