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03-06-2011, 03:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Hopefully the coaching staff would be gone. The Kings have the players to win, just a horrible offensive system holding them back.
We have the players, really?

What forwards, beyond Kopitar do teams have to account for on the Kings?

Penner and Williams are good players, but neither is the elite force on the wing that our competitors have. Both would be good 2nd line players or complimentary players on a first line.

Smyth, well I still don't see it. I see a one dimensional player who brings very little besides goals near the crease. Like I said in the GDT a few games ago, he is the Rob Deer of the LA Kings. He does one thing very good and that's it.

Stoll, a third line talent asked to do waaaaaaaaaaay to much. perhaps the most over-used player in the NHL. If you really want to criticize Murray for something criticize him for Jarret Stoll on the #1 PP. One of the most baffling roster moves I've ever seen a Kings coach consistently make.

Brown, just like Penner and Williams, he would make an excellent complimentary player on a line with Kopitar and the elusive first line winger. Has never been able to produce offense without Kopitar and even when he is with him it's inconsistent offense.

Simmonds, again another guy who has some grit and can compliment a couple of star players. But let's get real, a second line of Smyth- Stoll- Simmonds is just god awful, no matter what system the coach runs these guys are not going to produce goals at the level a team needs from a second line to compete.

Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
This team's best players lack the maturity to put together much of a run in the playoffs, but I don't see the Kings missing the playoffs. Two young goalies that are both playing well right now, a defensive system that keeps them in every game even when they are getting outplayed, and a not so tough schedule the rest of the way probably means they get in.
Our best players?

You mean Doughty and Johnson who played key parts on their respective national teams at the Olympics.

Or do you mean our other d-man. 27 year old Matt Greene who played in the finals. Or 32 year old cup winner Rob Scuderi. Or 33 year old 10 year veteran Willie Mitchell.

Or maybe it's the forwards?

Oh wait nevermind. Penner, Williams, Smyth, Stoll are all veterans atleast 28 years old who have played for or won Stanley Cups. Brown is in his 7th season in the NHL. he is what he is. Same with Kopitar he is in his fifth NHL season, stop acting like he is still 20 years old.

And as for the great defense first system. It does keep Kings in games against better teams but it also prevents the Kings from beating lesser teams and gives the Kings no margin for error, almost every game we are tied 1-1 in the 3rd, whether it's Vancouver or Edmonton. You can talk defense all you want and the defense wins cliches but it's hard to win in this league when your goal is two score two goals a game.

Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
In any case, Murray is a scapegoat. The issues the team has had this season lay at Lombardi's feet, not at Murray's. It wasn't until a few days ago when all of the holes on this team were finally filled (one could argue there's still a depth problem at center). Kopitar's on his 10th winger now. Waiting an entire year to address a top 6 hole isn't Murray's fault. It's Dean's. He waited too long to fill it and we may very well be out of the playoffs as a result.
Well said. And I am far from a Murray supporter but people need to realize that Lombardi knew exactly what he was getting with Murray. The Kings made a drastic change in organizational philosophy after the 07-08 season and along with trading some of our best players Murray was brought in by Lombardi to run a defense first system that we are seeing right now. The Kings are being built like the Panthers of the mid 90's and the Hasek-era Sabres (someone else mentioned this and it's spot on).

It's pretty funny that people continue to think that this isn't exactly what management wants with the Kings or that if a new coach was brought in that the Kings would suddenly be offensive world beaters. The only coaching change that would make some kind of difference might be firing Kompon and brining in someone who has a clue and won't put Glass Jarret on the point and might actually install a creative puck moving PP as opposed to the **** we have now.

But in the big picture this team has been built to win 2-1 games, that should be obvious to everyone by now. The bigger question is whether a team can win a Stanley Cup in this era by playing that style. I personally do not believe that it is the optimal way to build a team in this day and age and that is why I would like to see Lombardi and Murray both shown the door, but that topic has been beaten to death here.

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