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03-06-2011, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
I guess he does have 4 mil to play around with, except for the fact that:

A) Somehow you have an RFA Dustin Jeffrey making league minimum. He must receive a 10% raise just to be qualified, which he'd likely spit at given how well he's played.

B) Have Kennedy accepting a 100,000 dollar raise despite having his best season so far and holding arbitration rights. Last year Clarke Macarthur was awarded 2.4 million by an arbitrator for a 35 pt season. What do you think Kennedy will get?

C) Every team in the league would love to add a solid bottom pair defenceman named Free Agent and pay him nothing.

D) You might want to add at least one (if not two) forwards to the active roster in case of injury. Maybe Tangradi (making roughly 840,000).

So lets do a little more realistic math here. Put down Jeffrey at 850,000 minimum. Put Kennedy down for 2mil minimum (pretty modest if you take the Macarthur example). Scratch Free Agent and put in Ben Lovejoy at 525,000. Put Tangradi into the lineup and use one of the lesser guys as your 13th forward and there you have it, 1.1-1.3 you can tack on in salary (plus the money of the guy you take out). So you could add a 3.3mil player if you chose to walk away from Kennedy.
TK for 2m? You can't be serious... It is obvious you haven't paid attention to the contracts Shero has handed out in the past.

Also, last time I checked, Macarthur is making a shade over million because Atl. walked away from his contract. Or did you conveniently forget that?

Jeffrey is a RFA with no arbitration rights. He isn't going to spit at anything Shero offers him. He will take his escalator and work for his big contract like every other NHL player in his position has done in the past.

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