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03-06-2011, 10:19 AM
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The Yanks win so everyone is always a bandwagon jumper hence the yanks jerseys and caps everywhere but Considering how often they win and how many fans there SHOULD be there's almost nothing in the way of Yanks stuff being worn on a general basis. Plus there'sa lack of die hards for baseball. The fans are really diluted with casual and bandwagon fans b/c of all the winning and hero worshipping of really good players.

Basketball is what gets played by all the kids all the time and if the knicks became like the lakers or Celtics it would be a basketball town. If you put the teams up on a championship pedastal the Knicks would win. Of course the Knicks are not ever at that level so the town is a baseball town right now. The 94 Rangers were 54 years in the making and quite possibly the single most exciting playoff run in the history of sports. ossibly the biggest sports cinderella story if not top 5 which likely contributes to it getting a warranted nod as #1 moment but the populariyt of hockey overall has plummeted and NY is most def not even close to a hcokey town not even if it won a championship.

People want a champion though and I think the Yanks are kinda ho hum. Ending a long drought like the jets or Knicks will draw a loooot of people. More so for the knicks

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