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Originally Posted by Master of Puppets View Post
The bolded I will agree with you on. Also you are right that in the end we will end up playing 82 games.

Your flaw is saying we are already in 7th. Which requires counting points we yet don't have.
My point is that you are saying we are in 7th based on %. While you are right we have a higher point % per games played than the 2 teams directly in front of us we do not have more or even the same points as them. Bringing up how baseball does their standings is pretty much pointless since we're not following baseball. Also in baseball even if they do it that way, if the team that they list in 1st doesn't win the games in hand, guess what they end up not in 1st at the end of the season.

The best thing I can use to make my point is what the nhl standings page says:

We would be in 7th if we had the same amount of points but we don't. Hence why if we win and NYR lose we'd be in 7th because we'd be tied in points and since we'd have less games played we would meet the 1st tie breaker criteria.
I know the NHL "officially" does standings that way. The NHL does a lot of dumb things, like keeping teams in Phoenix and Atlanta.
There is no point in arguing this because it is based on supposition. If you wanted a true calculation of playoff chances based on current points and games in hand, you'd also have to look at ease of schedule etc. and other factors.
I just think the current system gives no credit to games in hand -- unless you are actually tied -- which is absurd.
But as I said before, after 82 are played, all these arguments are meaningless.
Go Sabres. Nice to be able to argue about how well we are doing!

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