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03-06-2011, 11:41 AM
Brad Doty
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Originally Posted by Reign Nateo View Post
Not trying to stir the pot at all, just wanted to share some insight on the situation. First of all, it's a goal. No NHL ref is going to call Daniel for that, and Burrows' contact was well before the goal. Wouldn't be many goals in the NHL if they disscounted those types.

What I noticed though is the Kings remind me a lot of the Canucks in past years. Young, talented team that lost their composure at times and spent too much time commenting to the media, it only hurts yourself. Canucks learned this the hard way.

- Burrows cried to the media about Auger setting him up, Canucks proceeded to get stiffed by the refs for the rest of the year. Mistake. Keep your mouth shut. Yelling and screaming at the refs like a 6 year old will not change their mind or help you get calls in the future. No point. Go to the bench and complain.

- Kesler calls Hawks players derogitory names to the media. This serves only to piss the Hawks off. Guess what the gameplan will be next time these team match-up? Quick will be busy, put it that way.

- Canucks lose their composure chasing the Hawks around, many PPs result in hanging their heads and returning to Vancouver. You lose your cool in the playoffs and it's over.

We've seen a new Canucks team this year however. Gone is the whining, gone is the name-calling and blaming the refs. Replaced by discipline. We'll see if it pays dividens. There comes a time when a team needs to take responsibility. The Kings' captain is probably the NHL's biggest diver. Along with Doughty's behaviour, there is no room for Quick to call another team divers. Especially one that has cleaned up it's act.

Again, I'm not here to attack the Kings, just comment on something I noticed. Kings are a very young and talented team that will be a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully they take the right lessons from this game, because all they did was annoy the refs, and piss off the top team in the NHL, while providing them a blueprint on how to beat you. I think all successful teams learn this and it will be the next step for the Kings. You can't change what the refs call or how your opponent plays. LA coaches need to get them focused on their own game and not so caught up in what the Canucks are doing.

Because I can assure you the next time these two teams meet, Quick's crease will be crashed, Mr. Sensitive Doughty will be picked on, and players just try not to touch Brown when a ref is around. Again, it just reminds me a lot of the Canucks of the past couple years. Natural part of becoming a top team. Which the Kings will be. Just an observation.

Forgot how much I love Willie Mitchell. The guys is a warrior and doesn't change his game for anyone.
To be fair, I could see why you would say this based on yesterday's game...but truth is, we usually have to deal with a NO emotion team, so yesterday was the polar extreme. Also, I know the DL/war room situation was very visible, but aside from that and yesterday's incident, I have a hard time remembering any other occasion where any players/staff cried to the media after a poo-poo call (not more so than any other team, anyway). Like i said, the ship is run by robot Terry Murray, so getting emotion out of them is like trying to breathe life into a rock. I guess they just got up like crazy for the Canucks!

I do agree that the guys are starting to make names for themselves, and I do agree that there is a similar learning curve to Kesler, Burrows (well, he's still a dick ), et. al., but yesterday's game was certainly an aberration in terms of behavior.

Long story short, I agree with your assessment of the players and their learning, but disagree that yesterday's behavior was 'typical' enough of this team.

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