Thread: Kings Vision: Bad Goal? What do you think?
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03-06-2011, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
was there enough to waive the goal off based on the rule book? yes

is it likely this goal and others like it will be waived off during a game? very unlikely

if LA had scored the goal and won the game then VAN would be upset. it's a grey area-grey rule that inevitably will leave one team pissed off and the other saying to 'quit crying and play'. the only goals that get waived off is when there is a blatant and over the top contact in the crease. what happened yesterday isn't even close to that level.

the Sedin bump to me is the same as a WR in football pushing off from a DB. the WR rarely gets called for offensive PI unless it's blatant. WR's have always intentionally used some type of push, brush off, hip, forearm to gain position and a window of opportunity to catch the ball.

guys in the NHL do the same thing to gain separation in high traffic. whether it's a subtle cross check or forearm to a defender. using your feet or stick on an opponents skate to move them or cause them to stumble. backing into them with your ass to knock them back or sideways.

this happens countless times every game and it's not going anyplace. it's part of the game. you call bs, dont get the call, shake yourself off and play. the likelihood of getting a reversal is slim to none. control what you can control
Sage wisdom. We'd be just as po'd, but we've had similar things with skate goals that by the rules should have counted but didn't.
Really great post.

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