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03-06-2011, 02:43 PM
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Simply the scoring? IN short ... Yes

I just came home from the Philly game which was truly an exhibition game. The Rangers played their usually consistent game and the Flyers didn't show up at all.
If the Rangers played all their games against teams that are on their down cycle they could go undefeated.

Goaltending? All Henry's Gaffes are magnified when the team fails to score more than a goal or two. In most games he's not the problem.

Defense? The EMM, Gilroy, DZ controversy is nonsense. I suspect that most playoff contenders will take the Ranger D as is now constructed. Overall the D is solid. The Rangers aren't losing close games due to their defensive lapses. The Weakness of D is simply their shot from the point. I suspect that McCabe will go a long to way help that problem. A normalized PP could add 1/2 goal per game to the offensive column.

What's really wrong? There is no first line scorer. Where is the 40 goal score who can be counted on to provide one of the goals in tight games? The guy/s who take 2-1 losses to 2-2 overtime games? Add 1/2 goal from a true first line and combine it with a half goal from the PP and the Rangers would go deep in the playoffs.

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