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03-06-2011, 04:16 PM
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Playing street hockey from the time we got home from school until about 15 minutes after it was too dark to see the ball. Every. Single. Day.

The progression from being the kid who couldn't skate starting out at 8 years old, to having a teammate that I'd played with a lot over the years, and had been playing since he was 3, turn to me at 15 and say "Jesus, when exactly was it that you got that fast??" after I beat him badly in a puck race drill. I used to love getting up for powerskating 3 times a week, knowing that I was putting in the work and making myself better.

My mom getting me to those powerskating sessions. And every practice. And every game. Driving those same routes to all the rinks, talking about the other teams, previous games, etc.

Great coaches. Good practices, good structure on-ice, good atmosphere around the team. It sucks playing on a rec league team where nobody backchecks, guys take 4 minute shifts, and nobody gives a damn.

Playing games that mattered. Obviously, they weren't really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I miss skating out on the ice for a playoff game, lining up for the opening faceoff, and having that crazy tension that boils over when the puck hits the ice. It's a lot harder to get that feeling for even the finals in beer league, especially when you've got work, bills, stress, etc. whirling around your head at all times. That's the biggest thing I miss, for sure, is just living for hockey and eating, sleeping, breathing the game.

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