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03-06-2011, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghost of Downie View Post
Wasn't won of the main criticisms that, even when they win games, they don't look good? So it's ok for the Pens to win in OT because it shows their resilience, but when the Flyers win when they suck, it's time to predict a ****ing first round exit.
That's what I love about this board. The Flyers lose a few games to bad teams and it is their true colors coming out and they are clearly not that good. Next week they'll beat a few good teams badly and everyone will be saying OMG this team is so good THIS IS THE YEAR! Then they'll drop two in a row and everyone will say ugh these guys are bums who don't care and will never win a Cup. Then they'll win and they are great.

You gotta look at the big picture here. A small sampling of games is not indicative of the overall performance or future performance. It is just a stretch of games. If they play ****** for the remainder of the season, then you have to worry. But a stretch of 10 games (or even more) where you aren't playing well but still managing to win games is not panic time.

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