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03-06-2011, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
The original designer was the one to use the term.

The inescapable part of that for me is that:
1. O6 logos were designed before 50's, meaning they took stylistic cues from earlier decades of design, (existence didn't begin as soon as you were born. Looking at you designer and Vinik.) and
2. the whole 'future' thing was a colossal, epic bust in the truest sense of the word.

I'm a history nerd, so not being 'all in' about doing the research and really figuring out the O6 logos bothers me to no end.

On a side note, how many Van Der Beek gifs do you have?
I don't have any, but has one for every occasion lol.

Look, I don't buy in to the whole O6 thing claiming they are more simple. Classic, yes. Traditional, sure. But the Red Wings and Blackhawks, for example, have very detailed and intricate designs - hence you can have detail and still be iconic. The retrofuture thing, or future imagined decades ago is, to me, nothing short of cool. Doesn't mean I'm a fan of our logo, I just don't believe it was executed properly.

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