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03-06-2011, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by gleanerguy View Post
Just posted this on the anti-Eagles thread on this board in response to a cookiecutter comment...maybe it fits better here...

You're right...I did say all that. It's a matter of living within your means. If you use UNB as a model, they have a full time head coach, full time assistant, a full time marketing guy and an army of volunteers/supporters and cling ons who help make that program what it is. STU doesn't have that kind of budget or those kind of least not now. Perhaps in time, when the program gets back to being competitive every night, you see where you are and reassess. But the next set of screams would be how much it costs to run the hockey program at a school where student enrollment is (and I'm quoting from the front of the STU women's hockey program here), 924 male students and 1,624 female.

Note too, that went rantfather advocated christening Bissonnette automatically, I suggested you do yourself a disservice by limiting your options. They ARE advertising the position. At the same time, don't penalize a guy who wants the job after playing five years for the school and being grateful and open about the institution making him the man and the person he has become. There will be a host of outstanding candidates apply for the position, but at the same time, you could do a whole lot worse than hiring Eric Bissonnette.
I don't understand why the bar can't be set to UNB's level, because UNB doesn't spend more money than anybody else. They don't have the budget for men's hockey. They are fortunate to have independently wealthy individuals who choose to serve a higher calling as assistant coaches, trainers, marketers etc. It's only through the brilliance of Gardiner MacDougall and the blessing of Almighty God that they are as successful as they are. This is true because Foyle has told us so many times.

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