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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
I agree with this to some degree, but do any of us really believe that Kompon tells Kopitar to stay glued to the half-wall on the PP? Do we also believe that he tells Kopitar to hold onto the puck for 2 or 3 seconds everytime he receives a pass on the half-wall?

I encourage folks to go back and watch the 5-on-3 PP from yesterday's game and see how long Kopitar holds onto the puck during that minute. He needs to make much quicker decisions and move more.
Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Agree that none of the five are moving at all. I see the same thing, but I am not convinced that Kompon is coaching it exactly that way. The PP in the Vancouver series last year had much more movement, especially at the top with Johnson and Doughty walking the line. You really think Kompon told them not to do that anymore?

Kopitar has to be the most frustrating player to watch on the PP at this point. He is so predictable and slow in everything he does on the PP.
Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
It's been happening all season. I would have thought by now that 60 games in they'd have drilled into the player's heads that they can't stand still.

The 5 on 3 is embarrassingly bad.
And 4 on 3 almost as bad as well. I believe the players are playing scared. Scared to lose possession and have to retrieve the puck from their own end. Scared of losing PP time on ice if they don't play the possession game. And what does it get them? The same thing they're afraid of anyway. I don't know if it's Kompon or Murray that instills this fear, but it's there and it definitely affects our PP.

When Kopitar holds on to the puck on the halfwall, he is presumably waiting for "lanes" to open up, right? Well, no lanes are going to open up when your teammates just stand still. There is no need to open a lane as the defenders are all in position to defend the non-existent movement.

So then he passes it down low only to receive it right back. Brilliant. Again, no need to defend differently. Pass to point, other point, back to first point and then back to Kopitar. Brilliant. Give the defenders a rest as well.

Yesterday really exposed the "playing scared" for me.

Another glaring weakness is the fear of making a cross ice pass through the slot as if the defense will automatically make a perfect interception every time. If I was watching film of the Kings PP I would tell my PK'ers "Just keep your sticks waving around the slot because it scares the Kings from making any kind of cross ice weakside pass".

Who am I kidding though, the Kings don't even create a weak side during PP's lol. On 4 on 4 PP's the D just plays a box which is perfect against the Kings and on 5 on 3 the D just pressures the puck knowing that we don't have a clue what to do with the 2 man advantage. Brilliant.

Don't even get me started about entering the O-zone on the PP.

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