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03-06-2011, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
You are advocating at this point in time but if it ever happened (it won't) you would start to complain about how much it cost. Then go on some spiel about how Coach Murphy brings in European players and western kids while ignoring that ST-FX is loaded with kids from Ontario and out west. You would ignore UNB's huge spending habits and point out that STU is going to INVEST in a hockey arena, complain about it, then pretend like you are concerned. You would have us believe that you are a great STU supporter and then say something like "counter or drive through". It is a free country and a free board but most of us are not buying what you are trying to sell chicky poo.
Chickie poo?? Wow do you ever have little man syndrome! Again you quote me incorrectly...I said also St FX and Saint Marys recruit with money that other schools don"t have. So girly man poo quote correctly or zip it. I simply commented that STU has money to attract Girls that most others cannot attract. It has nothing to do with coach Murray. Prior to the influx of money we we 0 and 20 in the girls game. and i am not saying take it away...I am saying go full out in hockey. Full time coaches

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