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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
Here's what's puzzling, Joe Benigo is suppose to be a Ranger fan and the guy NEVER mentions them. I understand he probably is a bigger Jet Met Knick fan, which is true but the Ranger are just never talked about on that show.
He's said many times during the show that his producer/exec doesn't want too much hockey talk during the show. I mostly listen to the mid-day show (only show I can bear to listen anymore) and they take a few calls but then again with what Joe said it seems like the station want to limit those calls unless something crazy happens (Isles/Pens fight)

I know Somers talks hockey, especially after the games but tbf I haven't listened to him in months

As for Carton, I think its all an act, not that he is a big hockey fan or even casual, but I think he bashes the sport to piss off Boomer and the hardcore fans. I mean just look at his "Mets fans for Yankees" nonsense, I think that is meant to get a rise out of Mets fans

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