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03-07-2011, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Quezzle E View Post
What do you think? Is it worth trading Rask in the offseason to try and go all out for the cup now? Or do you hold on to him, and be happy with probably having 2 of the top players at their position splitting time?
Can't we at least wait for this regular season to end, and see how Thomas plays in the post-season, before arguing about what the team should do in the off-season to win the Cup "now"? I mean, there's a 'now' that's closer to happening before the 'now' you are referring to.

There are just too many variables that would have to play out before sensibly arguing about what to do with Rask in the future: Does Thomas carry the team in the playoffs without looking tired? Does Thomas not show any wear & tear after carrying the load for so much of the season/post-season? Does the team get to the ECF or Cup but not because of or in spite of Thomas' play? (etc)

Currently, and with all things considered, I don't see many good arguments about trading Rask - this isn't an older team with a closing window, but is a young team that seemingly has its best days ahead of it. Honestly, I'm still thinking that Thomas (playoff performance pending) is more likely to be dealt in the off-season than Rask.

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