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03-07-2011, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by surGeon View Post
He's saying it's a bad rule, so your argument that it's a rule is kinda moot.

I agree with him. Whether or not the player makes a "kicking motion" is too arbitrary in my view. The relevant difference between kicking the puck in and deflecting the puck in with your foot is not in whether the foot is moving forward. The difference is whether or not the puck is hitting your foot or whether your foot is hitting the puck. If the rule is meant to prevent deflections like the one in the game, then I disagree with the rule.
He said:

Oh also, I know it's over and doesn't matter at all, but I thought of another reason why Avery's goal should've counted, and how the wording of the rule should be changed.
He thinks the wording should change, but he also thinks it was a good goal, which it was not.

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