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03-07-2011, 09:06 AM
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how about the truly delusional players? the ones who claim to have played a high level of hockey but clearly didn't?
we have 2 like that in my league.
one, whom I played with last year claims that in his younger days he a) had a scholarship to a *name removed* D1 program but broke his leg so he couldn't play. b) played semi-pro in europe and c) tried out and made the roster for the Baltimore Skipjacks. never heard if he "played" for them.
total BS. when we had evaluations several captains rated him as "novice". it's fairly obvious that he's never been coached. if he had been then he wouldn't change waaaaayyyy behind the play when he's playing defense.
the other guy said he played high school and travel as a youth. he couldn't even stop his first season AND had no idea where to line up on a face off.

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