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Originally Posted by derbyfan View Post
Agreed that it is a better league than the Canadian Junior "A" leagues, that's pretty much accepted now. The "Q" argument is getting stronger all the time. However you lost me at the suggestion that the USHL is quite possibly better overall than the Dub. Seriously? First off, the OHL is not conclusively better than the WHL, in fact many would argue that it's the other way around. No scout I've ever talked to - and I've spoken with many over the years - has ever suggested the USHL is in the same class as the WHL. Could their top teams challenge the worst squads? Sure. But you could say that about pretty much any league.
In a PM exchange, I stipulated that my exposure to the Dub is limited. I further observed that in the limted games I have seen that it was not unusual to see very good players and very bad players rostered on both teams. Thus, seing a GREAT game and a CRAPPY game all in one game was possible. I then contrasted that to the OHL games I have seen in which the play is fairly even throughout.

The last games that I have seen with WHL teams was the pre-season tourney last Fall in Everett. What everyone knew was going to be a bad Soo team did fairly well there.

Look, I also said what I said about the "Q" mindful of the fact that no one may stop St. Johns this year at the Memorial Cup.

So, I apologize for speaking in generalities about the "W". I also had a feeling that the statement about the Dub could bite me in the butt because I just don't have the experience with the league.

That all said, I speak with scouts, too, and most put the CHL pecking order as O, W, Q. The "*" there is that most of these scouts are East Coast/Midwest based.

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