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03-07-2011, 10:11 AM
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He could be anywhere from a regular 40 points guy to a 100 points guy.

The human mind is unpredictable when it comes to potential. A slight change in his level of confidence could have him drop in his production or get even better. I try to seperate talent from mental makeup, as talent level of most 1st round picks is very high, what truly differentiates them is the environment that surrounds them and how their mind reacts and adapts.

There are 4 forwards on the team that have all the right set of tools to become very good players, Pac, Pouliot, DD and Eller. DD being the only one who is under league average in size.

The most talented and complete (physically) is probably Pouliot, and at the same time, he's the one who seems to have the most issues with confidence and adaptation.

Take care to know that I'm talking of very small differences here. Eller is more in between Pouliot and Pac, as IMO, he's more talented than Pac, but less than Pouliot, and his confidence level doesn't seem neither high nor low, while MaxPac seems driven by confidence, that once he knows he can do something, he just keeps doing it, better and better, seemingly never doubting it again. That's why he rarely seems to have a bad game ever since he was called back. IMO, he'll be less likely to have down periods than Pouliot, but if Pouliot can really gain enough confidence, he could do even better than Pac.

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