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Originally Posted by Elliot Williams View Post
Pogge played very well, no question. But the Monarchs were not firing at him on all cylinders. Many of the scoring chances were actually full view shots, little screening or crashing the net. Can't remember many (any) forward tape to tape pass inside the blue line that wound up as a shot on the Checkers net.

Cliche twisted his neck into the glass on a not-terribly-hard hit in the corner at the crease in the first period and wobbled off as the play continued without his stick holding his head in his right hand. Oh gosh, for sure we thought, he was done for the game at least. Real scary. But no! He returned later on much to our surprise and delight.

All (losing) goals inside the last minute of play are painful, but this one was really upsetting. Shouldn't have happened, but as we left the rink, we agreed that the better team this day was the Checkers. MHT was at least even-stevens north and south, but Charlotte had the best of the body work and far more intimidating hitting, especially along the boards from start to finish. Worse teams than us beat them on this road trip, and the Monarchs would have won, too, had they been more... I think the best word is "focused." They seemed to ebb and flow, and fade mentally from time to time... and a few times too often as it turned out.
I agree, not a very good effort, especially in the third. If they played the whole game like the second they would have won!

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