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03-07-2011, 11:06 AM
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I read the first page of posts and was left with nothing more than the urge to perform a facepalm for the ages.

This team, before the beginning of the season, was slated at placing between 10-13th in the conference. The Rangers come out all pistons firing and suddenly it's Cup or bust with the fans.

We've lost so many players to injury over the course of this season that it's foolish to believe that we're making a legitimate run at the Cup. If we squeak into the playoffs, sure, we might make some waves, but don't go planning the Cup parade.

You cannot blame Torts for our home record. You cannot blame Torts for Gaborik's down season. You cannot blame him for Frolov, Rozsival, or Drury. You can, however, blame Torts for line jugging, the lack of movement on the PP, the lack of point shots, and the mishandling of MDZ.

In retrospect, Torts turned Boyle into a 20 goal scorer, is giving our core the ice time to develop rapidly, and is letting Dubinsky, Callahan, and Staal lead the way for the future.

To all the clueless fans: you cannot ask for the infusion of youth, then whine when we might miss the playoffs as a result of the youth infusion.

Sather probably had the second best deals before the trade deadline (Rozy for Wolski, McCabe for Kennedy + 3rd round pick), and did so by not giving away anything significant (first round picks, A-B prospects, et cetera). Who cares that he didn't grab Richards or Kaberle? He would have had to give up multiple picks and our top prospects, which is unacceptable (since either player would not make us instant Cup contenders).

In closing, Torts deserves, at the bare minimum, one more year. He has done admirably (other than MDZ) considering the 300+ man games lost to injury and the lack of elite talent (other than Gaborik, but he's having a down year). Our second defensive pairing consists of rookies, and our top scorer is Brian MFing Boyle. The team as a whole has bought into his system, and the results are evident. When we lose it's by one goal, when we win it's in convincing fashion. The team is competing (no Reddens mailing it in every night), and has the potential to make some waves in the playoffs, providing valuable experience to our youth, but should we not make the playoffs it's not the end of the world (we will still have exceeded the realistic expectations at the start of the season, not the farcical one produced as a result of our hot start prior to injuries).

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