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10-12-2003, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Fists of Fuhry
True that, I think that most Oiler fans while the most educated in hockey and hockey economics, are the most whiney as well. I'm not talking about all the fans but a majority of the boo-birds pull the double standards of accusing certain players *cough* comrie *cough* of being whiney when it is they themselves who should take a long look in the mirror.
did you just say that us fans are more whiney than a millionaire who cant take pressure?? i KNOW you just didnt say that, adn if you did i think *you* have to take a long look in the mirror

and to comment on another post in this thread.... the reason that nobody wants to play in edmonton, or any other small market team for that matter, is because the players know they wont get a fat contract here, they know that they have to earn their money, and they know that if they *do* earn this money, they will then have to get traded somewhere else to actually get *paid* that money.... its a problem with the economics of the NHL... for love of christ dont blame me... the fan. the fan who cares a ***** of a lot more about his team than probably most of the players playing on it do.

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