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03-07-2011, 11:57 AM
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I say push aside all the lawsuits and whether the deal is legal or not, lets just look at the deal. Many will say it's a joke, it won't work etc. But in Winnipeg 15 years ago there were countless number of people who showed up for rallies and offered money out of pocket for grass roots deals to try and save there team, and if we had a mayor like the one in Glendale we would have rejoiced! until we were handed the bill at the end of the party. Thankfully for us we had elected officials that saw not every deal to save a team from moving is a good deal. For the fans of the Coyotes the mayor make make a deal with the devil but I think it's your souls she is selling. And I truly feel badly for the fans and more importantly the non hockey fans who will be handed a bill at the end of this. Winnipeg never fell when the Jets left it's still standing and actually growing, we won't crumble without the return of the coyotes. Whether that means another team moves here next season or we sit by patiently and wait. But we have potential owners that understand the business end of hockey and Aren't taking risks with other people's money.

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