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Originally Posted by Egil View Post
I can see why Glendale wants to sue Goldwater, and certainly GS2K will make a case that Glendale can win such a suit. But, I don't see how such a suit will help them keep the team, as it will take time to play out (certainly into next season), and I don't think the NHL is willing to wait another season owning the team in Phoenix.

So, from a strategy standpoint of keeping the team, talk of a lawsuit seems extremely desperate and akin to a hail mary play.
I think goldwater will win the suit. Cause at the start of the hulsizer deal COG was violating a court order to provide the Institute documents needed to see if it was legal plus the emails sent to carrie ann sitren by mistake saying to ignore her requests for documents. COG's dragging of their feet with documents and not providing all of them will come back to haunt them.

The NHL will not wait till a lawsuit resolves for the team to be relocated.

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