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03-07-2011, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by wabwat View Post
Manchester exists to develop the future of the organization.... and i also think you're highly underestimating what winning a championship can do for a player at ANY level.
Winning under pressure is the toughest habit to develop... better to let prospects develop it together and bring it to LA one at a time.

Some of us are not giving elite teams enough credit for their game experience and player development. These teams know how to deal with mistakes. How to keep squeezing an opponent until they break. It's not just systems and positioning and slash skating through the middle. It's executing a simple pass with touch and just the right amount of speed and lead under pressure. It's the brush check that slows a winger without getting called.

For the most part the Kings players are skilled enough. That's why they were so much fun to watch in Oct and Nov. They are just not tough enough yet. You learn that on the ice. Not on a blackboard.

That's really what Detroit and Vancouver showed the Kings this last two weeks. How to win under pressure.

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