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03-07-2011, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by jlr View Post
No one is giving Richards a 10 year / $65 million deal, are they? That just seems so over the top.

Even 8/60 seems high. If we could do 6 years/42, it'd be an absolute steal. Heck, I'd take 7/49. The last couple years would probably be painful, depending on the cap situation.
I think it's the best possible offer we can make within the realm of reasonableness and still give ourselves a chance to get him. Unfortunately, you have to overpay a little bit to get players in Buffalo right now, at least until Pegula demonstrates his financial commitment to winning and they establish a better track record with players. I don't think we beat out the Rangers or Leafs with those shorter offers. Richards would have a reasonable cap hit (7.5), a front-loaded deal that guarantees him big bucks for the first several years of the deal, and Buffalo has the out on the back end by making a buyout reasonable after six years if it comes to that.

Pegula wants a Cup within three years. There's no better player that will be available in coming summers that will help us establish such a short-term goal. We all say that we'd love to have cap issues if it means we'll win a Cup. We have an owner who's not in it to profit or break even, and who has the financial means to deal with a buyout down the road, if necessary. Embrace that and make a big effort.

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