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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Regarding Grachev.

He's putting up more points this year than last, at least he's on pace to do that.

He went from a -13 to a +15, now granted, most seem to think that the +/- stat is useless, and if you are telling me a 5 point swing in either direction doesn't account for much, I would agree with you, however, this is a 28 goal swing to the good and that kind of awareness cannot be ignored.

Additionall, he's still a very big man that is still learning what he can and cannot do in his own skin.

Finally, he's playing with a very thin group of talented forwards in Hartford.

There's no real offensive threats in hartford that can help get him the puck in prime scoring situations.

Lets see what his numbers look like when he has a center that can create.

Would love to see Grachev with Stepan, then I'd like to see what his numbers look like.

I think people tend to look at his totals and not take anything else into consideration and say he's not "getting it" when in fact those that make those claims are the ones not "getting it"
The discussions surrounding player development in Hartford have been interesting.

In some discussions I've listened to, it has been suggested that the folks in Hartford have not been bringing the prospects along as well as they could. Results would suggest otherwise.

IMO I think they have a pretty good handle on where all the prospects are at...and when they might be ready to make the jump.

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