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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
I can certainly understand being kind of unhappy with playing in the AHL over probably really isn't as fun. However, if you have designs on being a pro hockey player and making that your living, I would think you understand that the AHL is a sometimes necessary stepping stone, and if you pine for college and are tired of always playing hockey, then maybe you're not cut out to be a pro
This is no different from anyone who leaves / graduates from college and gets hit in the face by the real world.

I know 2 years out of college etc I was longing for the days of going to class (ya right, more like drinking beers at noon on a Wednesday and girl watching). It is what every college grad goes through for the most part

I think Krieder comes out of college. He is right at that point in a college career when you start thinking about getting the hell out of school. College can get old really fast, add to that he knows he has BIG $$$ waiting for him as long as he doesn't get badly hurt.

Anyone who says the $$$ isn't a factor is kidding themselves. You get hurt and you're a cubicle drone like the masses. You come out and sign and you can almost never work a day. he will make more money turning pro then most people will see in their lifetime guaranteed. If he were my kid he would be turning pro.

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