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10-12-2003, 07:20 AM
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Spotlight ? Anybody ? Here's my take on it :

Even thought Hossa couldn't find his way to the score sheet, he played a very good game. The facet that impressed me the most was the way he played a very responsible game. Marcel played the new system very well. I never caught him off position and he created a few turnarounds, especially from, or close to, the neutral zone (the point of the new system being to clutter the neutral zone). He fought for the puck and hustled on the back check. He was not overly physical (and I don't expect him to), but he didn't shy away from traffic. All in all, he did everything we expect from a valuable team player.

However, his game was not perfect, there are a few things to improve. The only knock on him that was obvious (to me anyway) last night was that he couldn't find his line mate with nice crisp passes in the offensive zone. Don't get me wrong, it doesn’t mean he wasn't precise. Rather I think that it's his choice of plays that were lacking in the offensive zone. There weren’t so many problems in his own end and neutral zone (except maybe for 2 shifts in the 1st period), but in the offensive zone, he was more successful at driving the puck along the boards rather than directly finding Ribs or Zed. The few times he tried, his passes were cut or deflected by an opponent's skate or stick. This could be avoided if he was just a little bit more patient with the puck. Instead of trying a "lucky" pass he should hold on just a little bit longer to see if something develops. In the case were his options gets shut down he can always use his defenseman and reposition himself. He's supposed to be a good playmaker, he'll be at his best if he holds on to the puck just a little bit more. But expect this to come with confidence.

Hossa's biggest concern always was consistency. Last night he wasn't the most intense player on the ice, but he was intense enough to be a valuable player to his team. If that level of intensity is his minimum for the year, we'll have a very good 2nd line LW.

P.S. : I didn't know there was a spotlight on Hossa, so I only wrote it based on what I remember of last night's game. It might not be as accurate as if written by some1 who specifically paid attention to Hossa.

P.P.S. : I realy like the spotlight idea, so to let it live, would it be possible for admins to make it sticky. Also it would be fun if the spotlight was kept on a player for more than a single game, 3 games would be good. Than we could move on to another player.

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