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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I spoke to Tim's agent at length about this situation. Basically, it went down like this...

- Buffalo wanted to pay him ~$800K, Tim wanted $1 million and had some comparables to back him up

- Went to arbitration because Buffalo wouldn't budge an inch.

- Got $900,000 or whatever it was. Tim signs the contract.

- "Half-hour later I heard that Tim was on waivers" Bought out.

- Almost ten teams inquired about him, got a one-way deal from the Rangers. Got sent down.

- Wanted to be called up, but Sather wouldn't put him on re-entry waivers. No team would trade for him because he'd require re-entry with them too. So he sat in the minors and here we are.

Strange situation indeed, but I'm glad for Tim that he's gonna get his shot.
Problem with that story is that it wasn't half an hour after the arbitration confirmation/deal that the waiver and buyout happened....

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