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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
I'm awaiting the day where management starts talking about winning Stanley Cups as opposed to collecting assets and boasting one of the youngest teams in the league.

I understand the logistics of accumulating assets and every year Lombardi boasts about his teams getting younger and better every year, but as the GM, what is his answer to getting this team to the next level?

He repeatedly states that the young players have to get better, and there is no disputing that, but, what if they don't get significantly better than what we're seeing now? Then what's going to happen? What new excuse is Dean going to use when Kopitar is in his late 20s and Brown is in his early 30s and they continue on with their inconsistent play?
Hey Ziggy,

No answer for you but here is something to consider maybe.

Do you see us having any holes on the team and if so do you see us as being ready to address them from within?

However we got to where we are now I can see where DL either through his own actions or by what was already in the cupboard has us pretty close to being where he can stop talking about assets and youth and start talking about the cup.

My example would be that we have two top notch goalies and one replacement who so far is proving himself more to be in contention to make it in the NHL soon enough (actually two imo but the second one is a few more years away).

We have our center situation locked up (a little bit of fingers crossed but I am an optomist) and ready for a cup run. Can it be improved? Yep but we have enough to make a run.

We have our D overloaded with depth.

We have character and grit guys lined up and waiting to prove themselves down on the farm.

We have two and a half good enough skilled RW's and should be able to add more from within possibly as early as next season if needed.

Finally, while having Penz is a great thing and I hope that we keep him for a couple more years, we still need to fill the hole on LW. We have a couple of kids who should be able to do so down the road one that might be able to start breaking into the NHL as early as next year but that is a maybe.
My assessment would be that we should be targeting LW's, either via the draft or elsewhere this offseason and then we will be set.

I think that then we should be able to hold DL accountable for our being able to compete for the cup without question.

If you look at our depth we still have that one hole to fill, after that DL will have no more need to continue stockpiling assets and using the need to do so as an excuse for our current successes or failures.

Of course we will always need to do our best to keep the cupboard full but once each area is loaded we should be competing for the cup as a favorite by then imo and that is right around the corner.

I think DL has done an excellent job in comparison to most NHL GM's in as far as building an exceptional team and system so far, my criticism is rather or not we have the right head coach to get us to the next level but I suppose the argument is sort of similar.

Just a though and I am not married to it at all, its just sort of how I see things but that changes almost as often as Murphy changes line combos sometimes.

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