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03-07-2011, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by New England Hockey View Post
Gilroy's pass yesterday for Cally's last goal was sick.
He makes a few eye opening plays, (like the pass off the boards to Dubi a month or so ago) but is nothing to write home about offensively. He gets a lot of undeserved **** from the fanbase because they wanted him to get flashy stats. He had a mediocre rookie season, and he is better this year. Still not worthy of his qualifying offer, but if we resign him out of free agency for a one year deal it won't be terrible. A stop gap for McIlrath.

While he may be able to develop a shot, probably a wrister, not a slapper, he is not likely to become a great offensive force in any case from either F or D. However, while a 'lite' version of same, he fills a role in the tradition of Rutoslainen and McEwen. He does have great wheels. He provides a bonafide use.

Trade him? Sure but not for crap or a step down.
Keep him? Yeah, but not at any price, rather one commensurate with performance and potential --- which at the moment is about 80% of his current salary, with performance bonuses or other bonuses based on how well the club does.

Cut him?
There's a handful on this team who are less worthy...
Avery, for example.
So since Gilroy is close to his paid value, why crucify him??

Give him more coaching in offseason to improve.
Keep him on the bubble.
We get a better guy for that bubble, fine.
But Gilroy's not a bum, so let's not give him the bum's rush.

PS --- a LOT of guys wanted to just cut Gilroy for nothing from even before the season. I said not so fast.
I don't get em all, but I got that one!

I continue to suggest in the short term we hold the course as to not being impulsive... deals worth doing, sure, don't be shy ... but let's not get impulsive as we continue to cut the wheat from the chaff....

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