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07-27-2005, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by cassius
How long did it take for you to pick up skating?

What steps did you take before joining a rec league or whatever?

I couldnt even rollerblade at the end of the last NHL season (I was 25-26). So I spent alot of that summer rollerblading on trails and playing in a few roller hockey games. once winter came I picked up a sweet package of hockey gear on ebay for $200 and started ice skating. I was surprised by ho w much I had improved from all the roller blading (strengthened ankles/legs). I play open hockey weekly now and can skate fairly well and can skate backwards fairy well (not great). So basicly it took me about 1 year of skating/rollerbading to become a respectable skater. I can skate fast, but dont stop so well. The slower I skate the worse my balance so I usually skate as fast as I can! (Plus people get out of my way!) A couple of years ago i would never have imagined being able to pick up all those skills, so its definity not impossible if you havnt been playing since you were 2.

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