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03-07-2011, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRfan1823 View Post
Did you read what my original post was. I said he has no spot on this team next year, but will be on a different team next year. I do not get what you are arguing about?
Maybe I've misread your other posts or am thinking of a different user name but I swore I've seen you trying to tell people he hasn't been that bad.

That argument alone shows just how bad he is.

Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
After reading this thread Here's what I can infer:

Gilroy isn't a NHL worthy defenseman so why would any team will offer him much in the way of compensation?

My thought : Why not resign him on the cheap?

The Rangers have a bunch of young defensmen in the AHL. If they were NHL ready would they still be playing in the AHL? Until they prove themselves (in camp etc) the Rangers might as well have Gilroy compete for a spot? If he doesn't cut it then so be it.

My guess: Gilroy will sign elsewhere. I fear that he'll prove to be a late bloomer. Despite being 26 I see continued improvement in his game. He's not as physical as some. Doesn't have the greatest shot. However, he's one of the best skaters on the team (gets back when out of position). Finally, seems to be a real smart player. I can see him as part of a third pairing on a top team. He has more creativity than many defensemen. My gut tells me he might put his offensive game together rather soon. Possibly as soon as the Rangers lose him?
1. No team will offer him much in the way of compensation. He's going to take a pay cut. No doubt about it.

2. Why not resign him on the cheap? Because he's had two years to prove he was more than terrible and hasn't done so. There's no sense allocating money to a player who doesn't contribute anything to your team now and has show no evidence of doing so in the future.

3. If the defenseman in the A were ready why aren't they here? It's a fair argument but you're also failing to acknowledge the amount of money the Rangers gave to this kid out of college. This is the last year of his deal. They were hoping he figured things out after his rookie seasons. The players in the A will all have their chance next training camp. Gilroy won't.

4. A late bloomer? He's ****ing going to be 27 and has proven nothing in professional hockey.

5. He's not as physical as some? You mean he hasn't won a board battle in his life and has no ability to take the puck from someone?

6. He doesn't have the greatest shot? HE HAS NO SHOT. NONE. It's absolutely AWFUL. It's embarrassing a player on the blue line shoots like he does. EMBARRASSING.

7. He's one of the best skaters....blah blah blah blah blah shut the **** up EVERYONE who says this. Is he really? He isn't anymore noticeable than any decent skater in the league. Not at all. Get over this. He's really nothing special skating wise. Above average? Sure. So what. Tons of guys in this league are.

8. More creativity? How do you figure? Don't you think he'd use it sometime then?

9. You're right. He can be a third pairing defenseman on a poor team. Good for him. Let him make his money playing pro hockey elsewhere. We're not going anywhere with players like him on our team.

10. Your gut tells you? And you think it might be as soon as we cut him loose?

Here's my question:

What on earth are you people watching? And what on earth is your definition of someone who puts together some offensive prowess?

Will he ever even be a 20 point defenseman? I doubt it. In fact I'd be shocked if he scores more than 25 points in any season in the NHL.

For a guy who can't play a lick of defense, how the hell does someone like that have so many supporters? It's insane.

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